One Arranged Murder by Chetan Bhagat – Book Review

I frankly had no idea about the new release of Chetan Bhagat’s book but when I saw the poster on Audible app, I couldn’t stop myself from giving it a try. I had no idea about the theme of the book, so it was quite a surprise for me to see him writing another ‘Thriller’ that too in continuity to his previous attempt, ‘The girl in room number 105’.

The story started in typical Chetan Bhagat’s writing style with unnecessary comedy and word play and without beating around the bush he directly came to the murder that was the main theme of the book. Now begins the investigation that is being carried forward by Keshav and Saurav. The investigation is quite amateur, if you are a well-read person of such kind of books but the author has quite intelligently hides this flaw by making his investigators amateur themselves.

The whole story is quite good and keep you guessing till the very end and that is the big plus point for it but because of the pace of the book and the writing style of the author, you will never feel connected with the characters and that is why you’ll never feel the motive behind the things that are happening around.

Just because of the average writing style of the author, I am giving this new ‘Thriller’ of Chetan Bhagat 3 stars otherwise; the story is indeed a good one (Again, it’s not great, just good).

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