Be an Ideal Husband – Choose Audiobooks!

Audiobooks are the new revolution in the industry of books and Storytel and Audible are the biggest competitors in the ever-growing market but we are not here to talk about that. We are here to talk about the strange title of the blog and I am going to explain it bit by bit that how … Continue reading Be an Ideal Husband – Choose Audiobooks!

Gauri by Sathya Sam – Book Review

The book Gauri by Sathya Sam is an emotional ride that comprises of different life events from the life of Shiva where Gauri acts as a catalyst to his life and another girl Shalini is also a huge part that shapes the overall destiny of Shiva. Shiva and Gauri falls for each other and against … Continue reading Gauri by Sathya Sam – Book Review

Anxious People by Fredrik Backman – Book Review

The best thing about this book 'Anxious People' is that it invests in emotions with a pinch of humor but never leaves the art of storytelling as well. I have read the previous book of the author 'A Man Called Ove' and it still is one of the best book I have read but I … Continue reading Anxious People by Fredrik Backman – Book Review

#SandeepSpeaks – Episode 1

The world is changing and so are the mediums to connect with the readers. Today, I was invited as a speaker alongside with Ketan Bhagat and Indranil Mukherjee to discuss about adaptation of literature to cinema in the Phoenix Literature Festival that was organized online. So it was quite a strange experience to sit in … Continue reading #SandeepSpeaks – Episode 1

I Will Make You Pay by Teresa Driscoll – Book Review

Ratings: 3/5 Format: Audiobook Platform: Audible Status: Recommended for Beginners not for serious thriller readers. A good thriller is all about how it begins and how brilliantly you can hide all the elements before revealing them all during the climax. This book, I will make you pay, is, according to me, a perfect example of … Continue reading I Will Make You Pay by Teresa Driscoll – Book Review

The Speaking Stone – Book Review

I still can’t forget my experience of reading Paradise lost and found. The simplicity of the book and the way it held the reader’s attention was something that is rare. Ratnadip Acharya’s new book, The Speaking Stone is yet another masterpiece but is very different from his previous book. The Speaking stone is a kind … Continue reading The Speaking Stone – Book Review

Detroit: Become Human – Game Review

My journey with video games actually began with Max Payne’s first edition that came out in 2001. Since then, I became a fan of this whole experience. The pleasure that I feel while playing games is all within the storyline. If the story is good, I’ll surely love the game but if the story is … Continue reading Detroit: Become Human – Game Review

Take my heart, forever… by Arpit Agrawal – Book Review

This one is a brilliant book when it comes to small elements that many authors generally miss out while writing a book on romance. This book deals with showing rather than just telling and that's the USP of the book. All the characters are very well portrayed and the characterization is so strong that it … Continue reading Take my heart, forever… by Arpit Agrawal – Book Review