5 writing tips from Shatrujeet Nath

Hello and welcome. If you are an aspiring author and already knows 'what' to write, you must be wondering about the 'how' and that's why I thought to introduce this new series where I'll bring you the tips from the mavericks of the field and who could be the better choice other than Shatrujeet Nath … Continue reading 5 writing tips from Shatrujeet Nath

The Innocent Wife by Amy Lloyd – Book Review

This book is a hugely talked thriller in the international market. The plot of the book is unusual and the blurb is so engrossing that you just can't stay away from picking this book up. Here's the blurb: Twenty years ago, Dennis Danson was arrested and imprisoned for the brutal murder of a young girl … Continue reading The Innocent Wife by Amy Lloyd – Book Review

‘Murderous Greed’ by Arun K Nair – Book Review

The best part of any crime fiction is the element of surprise and mystery. The author should have the quality of holding the audience till the very last page and deliver all the answers effectively. With 'Murderous Greed', Arun K Nair successfully delivers everything that a crime fiction lover would ask for. Starting from the … Continue reading ‘Murderous Greed’ by Arun K Nair – Book Review

Review of Rise (Web Series) by Cheers!

Audience is now drifting and is drifting for good. From television, now the entertainment's new destination is YouTube. Great actors who are not so famous are now appearing on YouTube and are doing fabulously well. For the first time, we can see writers working really hard and coming out with great works. Web Series is … Continue reading Review of Rise (Web Series) by Cheers!

How to choose the best ‘Vanity Publisher’?

If you dream to get published in India through big publisher without paying a penny, you have to wait for years, may be decades because the competition is way too hard and even the judges are sold. Publishers are seeking business and just question yourself, why should a publisher choose you? If your answer is … Continue reading How to choose the best ‘Vanity Publisher’?

‘Laakhon Mein Ek’ – Web Series Review

Parents dream, children suffer; that's not a new story to hear in India. Education industry is booming, just because of this reason only. I was an IIT aspirant as well (Thankfully not because of the parent's pressure, I chose to be the one) and have spent an year in Kota. The atmosphere, the aura of … Continue reading ‘Laakhon Mein Ek’ – Web Series Review

‘Origin’ by Dan Brown – Book Review

As everyone else, i was excited to read another adventure of Robert Langdon and hence pre ordered the book months ago. The concept and the blurb of the book promised to deliver yet another path breaking story but Dan Brown had something, totally different to deliver this time. Release date arrived and the moment I … Continue reading ‘Origin’ by Dan Brown – Book Review

Daily life struggle of an ‘Author’!

Life of an aspiring or a published (doesn't matter in which category you fall) author is tough. You may say that life of everyone in creative field is tough but maybe, after reading this article, your respect for the people who fall in this rare category may rise. Let me categorize the struggles that we … Continue reading Daily life struggle of an ‘Author’!